Top trends for spring 2023

by Camilla Nørager

Spring is in the air, and we cannot wait for the arrival of longer and brighter days.

Spring is known to be the season of new beginnings, and if you ask us, that sounds like the perfect excuse for a home makeover! We have collected some of our favorite trends for the season, and we hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Spring is the season of flowers, so what better way to kick off your new spring collection than with our Flower Posters! This style is bold and fun in both personality and color, and it is just what is needed in any living space, as winter is fading out and spring is in bloom.

Another simple way to bring color into your home this spring season is with our Colorful Places Posters. This is a wonderful way to showcase your favorite places from all around the world, while adding a pop of color into your home.

If you are going for a more romantic look, you can explore our Colorful Places Posters with pastel colors or dusty pink tones, such as Positano Colorful No 1 Poster, Manhattan Colorful No 1 Poster or Rome Colorful No 1 Poster. Or Palm Trees No 8 Poster, Sandy Beach No 4 Poster or Tropical Mood Poster etc. from our Colorful Photo Posters collection.

If you are looking for a more prominent pop of color for your wall, you can choose between some of our many other Colorful Posters such as Arizona No 2 or British Virgin Islands etc.
Or explore our Customizable Street Map Posters with 24 color variations.

We wish you luck with your spring season makeover, and we would love it if you would share it with us; find us on Facebook or Instagram, and use #nbourhood – then you have the chance to be featured on our platforms and help inspire people to do their own spring makeover!

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