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Top trends for fall 2022

Top trends for fall 2022

Fall is the perfect excuse for a home makeover! As the seasons change, so do the interior design trends – and this fall season we are especially excited about the arrival of fresh new styles. Renew your living space by adding some inspirational key elements, such as our new art prints.
Sit back and enjoy while we guide you through a few of our favorite top trend styles this season.

Colorful optimist

This style is bold in both personality and color, and it is just what’s needed in any living space, as fall kicks in with winter fast approaching. The colorful optimist is not faced by darker days and earlier nights. This trend is a breath of fresh air with a modern feel. You can choose one colorful poster as your centerpiece, or you can mix and match different styles.

Classic minimalist

This trend is for the person who likes to keep it simple yet elegant. A soft neutral look and natural materials gives a calm, relaxing and airy feel to the home. Explore your favorite places with our drawn posters, or stay classy with our black and white posters – they never go out of style!

Playful structuralist

Although this trend comes off as an oxymoron, our square, pattern and alphabet posters are proof that “playful” and “structure” can exist harmoniously together. Clean structure with a splash of fun is defined by these posters, and they can breathe new life into any room.

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