How to create your own Travel Gallery Wall

by Camilla Nørager

Creating your very own travel gallery wall is a lot simpler than you think! Lean back, get in a creative mindset, and we will lead you through the process one step at a time.

A gallery wall is a stylish and wonderful way to express your own personal style. Hanging up posters in different sizes and colors, and with frames and hangers of different materials, you can create dynamism and edge in the room.

Essentially, there are no rules when creating a gallery wall – no right or wrong way. There are also no limits to the size of the gallery wall – it is your creative mindset alone that decides the limit.

Have you ever seen images of gallery walls on online platforms or in magazines and wished that you could get the look inside your own home? If yes, we have some good news for you: you do not necessarily have to be a professional interior designer to create an awe-inspiring gallery wall. Especially when it features your own adventures with travel posters.

Follow our guide filled with gallery wall ideas and tips.


When it comes to creating the gallery wall of your dreams, there is a golden rule: you have to love it! It comes down to choosing whether you want a range of colors or a more neutral look – only your imagination sets the limit! You can make your gallery wall unique by mixing art prints or adding photographs designed to feature your interests for the places you are passionate about. You can find all our prints here.

Tip: considering a color scheme
When choosing a theme, try aiming for two main colors. Consider the color scheme of the room where you want to set up your gallery wall. Choose a color scheme that harmonizes with the shades present in the room


There are different types of frames you can choose to use for your gallery wall, and they make a massive, if not all, difference to the final look.

A lighter frame, such as white wood or natural wood, will create an illusion that makes the art more prominent. While a darker frame, such as black or dark wood, will create contrast, and they generally work well with black and white art print.

Tip: matching frames
Keeping consistent frames usually creates a clean look. However, you can also mix your frame style to create a more eclectic look


Now that your art is framed, you can start experimenting with where you want to place it. A good idea is to balance the styles and colors, so you create a sense of harmonized mix. If you are creating your gallery wall around one main piece, make that your starting point and then gradually add around it.

Tip: layout with the frame sheets
Use the original sheet within the frame to get a visual of the position of your gallery wall. By using tape, you can easily move around and rearrange without leaving any permanent marks on your wall.


Now that you have decided on the composition of your gallery, it is time to get it up on the wall. Using a measuring tape, mark the center of each sheet with a pencil. Then measure the distance between the picture hook and the top of the frame, to ensure the correct position, and mark it with a pencil – (remember to consider whether it is a frame or a hanger!)

Now grab a hammer and knock nails in the marked dots.

Tip: be precise
You do not want to ruin the overall look of your gallery wall by hanging the frames unevenly. When the frames are on the wall, take a step back! Start by straightening each frame using your eyesight – optionally, get another person’s perspective. To be on the safe side, use a level to straighten each frame to perfection.


Great job! Now take a step back and enjoy your creation. Your gallery wall is now ready to be shown off, and it is a wonderful conversation starter – it is just waiting for you to share all the special stories you have about the places you have chosen to showcase!

We would also love to see your gallery wall if you want to share it with us: find us on Instagram or TikTok, and use #nbourhood – then, you have the chance to be featured on our platforms and help inspire people to make their own gallery travel wall!

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