Harmonize with colors

by Camilla Nørager

Create the perfect color scheme for your home by harmonizing colors.

It can be tricky to choose the right art for your home – especially when it comes to the choice of color. But do not worry, we have collected a couple of ways below that will hopefully inspire you on your color-harmonizing-journey.

Neutral colors

It is hard to go wrong with neutral colors – they are a classic!
They can be divided into both warm and cold tones. In this case, the creamy beige and brown tones represent the warm neutrals and they add a cozy feel to the room while remaining classic.

Posters: Classic Street Map Poster (Espresso Heaven) and Classy Street Map Poster (Shades of Beige)

Complementary colors

The complementary color scheme consists of combining two high-contrast colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. When they are placed side-by-side, they complement each other by making each color look brighter. In this case, a harmonious match has been made using the complementary colors; orange and blue.

Posters: San Luis Obispo Colorful No 1 Poster and Tennis Court Colorful Poster.

Monochromatic colors

The four components of a monochromatic color scheme are; shade, tone, tint and hue.

As is revealed by the name “mono”, this scheme is based on just one single color. In this case, a gallery wall has been created on a living room wall using black and white print art with variations of grey.

Posters: Classic Street Map Poster (Grey), Black & White Poster and Matted Posters.

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