Featuring: Maria Kaas

by Nbourhood Poster

We are delighted to introduce and welcome digital creator and influencer Maria Kaas as an ambassador, and the newest member of the Nbourhood family!

“When minimalism meets candlelights and coziness.”

Maria Kaas has an elegant style with an eye for unique and personal elements, and she knows just how to showcase her interior design visions - not only on her social media platforms, followed by thousands of people, but also within her home in Aarhus.

“My style is quite minimalistic with specifically chosen furniture and general interior. A lot of our furniture is found on DBA, and all of our stuff holds special meaning or memories for us. Ex. from our many travels - we always try to bring home a little something.”

As the pictures illustrate, the interior design within the apartment is very modern and elegant with a variety of different elements that tie each room together. She uses different Nbourhood posters to complement and create balance with the surrounding style and furniture. For example, in the living room she has placed our Matted Photo and Costum Street Map Poster on the floor to showcase them in an untraditional and different way.

“We are still in the process of styling our home, which we spend a lot of time doing. We would rather wait for the right thing, than to make compromises.”

“One of my favorite spots in the apartment is the living room - I just love it! It is fairly small, but I think it is perfect. The ceiling is also so pretty. This is where we get together as a family every night - always with living candlelights and duvets - so cozy!”

In another corner of the living room she uses our Colorful Places Photo with the black wood frame to highlight the image. The colors within the poster harmonize with the current colors of the room, floor and furniture.

“Our dining room is also a spot I deeply appreciate and love. This is where we play games, talk and enjoy our time together. Both our living room and our dining room are places in the apartment we have chosen to prioritize in terms of interior design and styling.”

Similarly, she uses our Black and White Poster with the white wood frame on a marble table to blend in with the interior pieces displayed around it.

“It is a focus for me to create a “calm home”. Meaning a home where there is room for our boys, and a cozy atmosphere! I like to style with cool furniture that functions as center pieces within the rooms.”

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