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Featuring: Louise Christensen

Featuring: Louise Christensen

We are so excited to introduce the inspiring influencer Louise Christensen as an ambassador, and the newest member of the Nbourhood family!

Louise Christensen has a modern and elegant style, and she knows just how to showcase her interior and personal design visions - not only on her social media platforms, but also within her own home in Aarhus. Check out her colorful and stylish Instagram profile @_louisechristensen to get inspiration for your own interior design projects.

“I would describe my current style as being cozy, harmonic and manorial. When I am at home I need calm and nice surroundings, which is why I use light and warm earth colors within the interior design.”

As the pictures illustrate, the interior look of the home creates a clean and elegant feel. She uses different varieties of Nbourhood posters to compliment the current style in the apartment, for example in the living room she uses our popular Black & White Poster with a black wood frame to break with the neutral tones surrounding it. 

“My favorite spot in the apartment is definitely our dining room. It has high ceilings, original stucco from 1918 and lots of room for guests.”

In another corner of the living room, she uses one of our Matted Photo Posters with a white wood frame to blend in with the beautiful walls and compliment the earthy tones from the décor. 

“Harmony is very important to me when I decorate. Everything from materials to textures, which is why all wood in the apartment is oak while the lamps, candlesticks and other trinkets are made of brass.”

Similarly, alongside another wall, she repeats the use of white wood to frame one of our custom Elegant Street Map Posters and a Drawn Line Art Poster to match the modern and airy design. The subtle colors add wonderful harmony between the art and the décor. 

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