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Featuring: Astrid Kliver

Featuring: Astrid Kliver

We are very happy to introduce influencer and content creator Astrid Kliver as the newest member and ambassador for Nbourhood.

Astrid Kliver has an elegant and simple style with an eye for modern and personal elements, and she knows just how to showcase her interior design visions - not only on her social media platforms, followed by thousands of people, but also within her own home in Aarhus. Check out her inspiring feed on her Instagram @astridkliver.

Her design approach focuses on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, achieved through the prominent use of oak wood. The warmth of the wood contrasts with cooler elements, creating a harmonious balance between cold and warm tones. This can be seen in her living room, where our two Black & White Posters framed in black wood compliments the balance of the surrounding elements.

“My style is simple and nordic, it is also very warm as the oak wood always plays a big role in my interior design vision and in the rooms I live in. The cold surface against the warm wood is one of my favorite expressions in a home.”

Astrid's style exudes a sense of relaxation and tranquility while maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance. The emphasis on simplicity ensures that the spaces are not overly busy or messy, contributing to a calm and organized feel. To enhance that feeling, our Matted Photo Poster, which can be styled both horizontally and vertically, adds an elegant and subtle touch to the vision.

“My favorite spot in our home is The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen. I sit here every morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, while looking out on the Aarhus bay and the surrounding woods.”

“I have a great focus on not making the interior design look too messy. I have to be able to relax in every room. To me, that means not having a lot of trinkets standing around. The use of plants is also important to me when I decorate - they function as the living element in the room.”

Astrid values a clean and uncluttered home where every room is relaxing. She avoids having too many trinkets around and uses plants to bring life into the space. In the hallway, the Classic Map Poster from our Street Map collection adds a touch of color to the room while complimenting the interior.

“However, it is also important to me that every family member sees themselves in our home and puts their own mark on it. It is living spaces and they must be used. We absolutely love our house on the hill.”

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