Featuring: Anika Brøndserud

by Camilla Nørager

Interior and graphical designer Anika Brøndserud is the latest addition to the Nbourhood family, and we are so happy to welcome her on board as an ambassador!

Anika Brøndserud has an eye for design and creativity, which can be seen throughout the interior design of her lovely apartment in Aarhus. Also on her social media platforms, she shares insights to how she styles her home, her interests and inspiring DIY projects.

“I would describe my style as nordic with a touch of pastel colors and recycling.”

As the pictures illustrate, the interior look of the apartment creates a clean and light feel. She uses different varieties of Nbourhood posters to compliment the current style in the apartment, for example on one side of the kitchen she uses our Travel Bucket List World Drawn Poster from the Drawn Line Art collection, with the natural wood frame to create harmony with the surrounding elements and gadgets in the room.

“My favorite spot in the apartment right now is the little corner in the kitchen with the coffee machine and the shelf with my cups.”

In one of the corners of the kitchen, she stays on theme by using another piece from the Drawn Line Art collection; our Travel Bucket List US Drawn Poster. Contrary to the other poster, she uses our white wood frame, which naturally blends with the walls, tiles and furniture – creating an airy feel.

“My focus when I decorate is that it has to be cozy! It has to feel homey when you enter the apartment - I do this by adding warmth to the interior design with wood and colors. I also find recycled items and then turn them into my own.”

In her living room, she uses a mix of our Black and WhiteCustom Street Map and Matted Photo Posters framed in natural wood to enhance and draw attention to the details of each poster. The posters beautifully complement the color scheme of the room – from the cozy furniture to the elegant white stucco.

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