Featuring: Amalie Olsen

by Camilla Nørager

Influencer and content creator Amalie Olsen is joining the family as a Nbourhood ambassador, and we are so excited to welcome her on board!

Amalie Olsen knows exactly how to showcase her inspiring interior design visions – not only on her social media platforms, followed by thousands of people, but also within her own home in Aarhus.

“I would describe my home and interior design as relaxed, minimalistic, bright and quality minded.”

As the pictures illustrate, the interior look of the apartment creates a clean and elegant feel inside each room. She uses different varieties of Nbourhood posters to compliment the current style in the apartment, for example in the sofa living room she uses our classic street map poster in the gray color silhouette, with the natural wood frame, to harmonize with the light and beige shades of the furniture.

“My favorite spot in the apartment is the sofa living room – I get so happy and calm when I look in there – through the living rooms en suite. We just love spending time there, and it is definitely also the room where we spend the majority of our time.”

Similarly, she uses our drawn posters with the natural wood frame in her dining room area to match the minimalistic and airy design. She has also added one of our best-selling black and white city posters, framed in black, to create balance with the stylish black-legged chairs and dining room carpet.
These posters offer a unique and personal touch, as they showcase the very places that she loves the most.

“I have furnished my home with a mixture of classic Danish design mixed with my own DIY projects for example the stucco on the walls, my sofa table which is made from scratch and my dining room lamp which I have painted from red/purple to white.”

Being an entrepreneur of interior design, Amalie is able to play around with different elements of designs in order to create the desired look. This enables the experimentation of color when appropriate, which she explores in her cozy coffee nook and in the bedroom. The flower posters add edge and depth to the rooms, by binding every element together through one piece of art.

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