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Visiting: Den Gule Café

Visiting: Den Gule Café

As a brand that specializes in creating personalized wall art, Nbourhood was thrilled to have the opportunity to complement the beautiful interior design of Den Gule Café; a colorful and cozy spot loved by locals and tourists alike in Aarhus, Denmark.

Our mission was to add customized travel posters from Nbourhood that celebrated the owner's personal style and created an even more inviting atmosphere for their customers to enjoy. We started by collaborating with the owner to understand her vision and inspiration for the café.

She described the style as colorful, cozy, informal, and feminine. Her favorite spot in the café is the corner by the pink wall against the green colors. This was a significant detail that we wanted to highlight in our project.

“I have put a lot of personality and comfortability into the interior design, which can be seen in the furniture - especially the pillows and blankets. The chairs create a chill and summerly vibe, while the general colors give an eye-catching and different look to the café.”

We added customized travel posters from Nbourhood that were inspired by the aesthetics in the café. These posters were carefully placed throughout the rooms and complemented the existing decor.

The travel posters from Nbourhood helped to create a more personalized and inviting atmosphere in the café, highlighting the owner's personal style and making the space even more unique.

By incorporating the beautiful style and vision of the café into our designs, we were able to complement the existing decor of the café and match the vibrant, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere.

Keep up with them and their latest offers on their instagram @dengulecafe.

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