Customize your memories

by Camilla Nørager

Eternalize the memories from your favorite places by showcasing them on your walls.

We have created our Street Map Posters with the intent to move and inspire our customers with meaningful, unique and thoughtful designs.

By displaying a street map in your home, it will serve as a reminder of your personal story and special memories. It is also a wonderful conversation starter, as it allows your guests to get closer to you – especially if you chose to display them in common rooms, such as the living room. Otherwise, if you prefer to showcase your personal stories more for yourself, you can choose to display them in more private rooms such as the bedroom.

Our street maps capture the streets and veins of any desired location anywhere in the world. This enables you to closely specify an exact place when customizing your own poster!

Whether you are filled with wanderlust and wish to capture some of your favorite travel memories, a hopeless romantic who wants to preserve the place where you met your first love or simply just find comfort in a specific place, the Nbourhood street maps will help capture the memories for you!

The Street Map Posters come in both portrait and landscape orientations, and they are part of the newest collection at Nbourhood. Both orientations are available in 6 unique designs in 24 color variations respectively, allowing you to create the perfect poster for your own personal style. These posters are the ideal mixture of personal, stylish and modern design.

Portrait Map Posters

Landscape Map Posters

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