Creating contrast on your walls

by Camilla Nørager

Create contrasts by using different colors and shapes – this will automatically draw in the eye of the beholder, and it creates immediate interest. We have collected a couple of ways to help you create contrast on your gallery wall.

Contrasts can be created in a lot of different ways, and the best part about it is; there is no wrong way to do it! The only true rules when it comes to designing are the ones you make. Dare to innovate your thinking and expand your horizons to find the style that feels just right for your person and your home.

Juxtaposition of black and white

Black and white have significance beyond just their roles as colors, and there are no colors that contrast better than them. They are opposites, and opposites attract! Light and dark, warm and cold, yin and yang – there are endless possibilities.

Use black and white in your home décor to create a rich contrast. The opposing poles, represented by the light and dark in the two colors, creates a natural attraction and eye-catcher within the room.

Combining patterns

You can create beautiful contrasts by balancing black and white art prints with more colorful and pastel tones. When you are dealing with soft and hard elements in terms of motifs and colors, you can create a focal point that showcases your own personal style and personality.

Combining sizes and styles

You can also try hanging different sized art next to one another, or simply place them up against each other – the bigger the size difference the bigger effect it has! Choose a statement poster and mix big and small prints around it to create balance, and showcase a special piece.

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