Christmas is coming!

by Camilla Nørager

Celebrate the coziest time of year with Nbourhood

Are you getting excited for Christmas? You are definitely not alone! Whether you are the type of person who puts up lights and cranks up the Christmas playlist on the 1st of November, or the one who draws the anticipation till December, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate this special time of year!

Nonetheless, it is rapidly approaching, and we are here to share your excitement and to put you in the Christmas spirit.

This time of year is all about appreciation and cherished memories with the most important people in your life.



Spruce up the holiday by switching up your prints with seasonal designs. Check out our limited Christmas posters featuring the art prints you need to make this holiday extra special.

You can place them around your home or gift your loved ones with the perfect gift for this festive holiday season.

Do you already have framed Nbourhood prints hanging on your walls? No worries, you can easily switch out the current art with seasonal designs, if they are in the same size. You can find our Christmas posters here.

Tip: by placing the current art in the back of the frame, you can switch them back around when the holiday has passed – simple, easy and affordable!

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